Bellarri 14K Diamond Emerald Earrings

Everyone knows our specialty is "retired" Bellarri - we're now the largest seller of "retired" Bellarri in the United States, so if you love buying retail-fresh Bellarri without paying current retail prices this website is the place to be. And while we've specialized in scouring dealer showcases for "retired" Bellarri, it's always been hard to find really "old" Bellarri, from the early 2000-2004 time period. We love finding those pieces because they were made at very low gold prices, $300-400 per ounce, and the value they represent relative to today's market is outstanding.

Without further ado, we present our latest acquisition...a pair of early 2000's Bellarri 14K gold diamond & emerald earrings.

These feature solid 14K yellow and white gold - exactly 52 points (.52ct) of gorgeous clean F/G VS diamonds is set in little beds of white gold against a backdrop of beaded yellow gold. Up on top you'll find emerald cabochons. These are not tiny earrings...they measure over an inch tall, and almost a full inch wide (.9" to be exact). They also weigh a combined 24 grams, more than 3/4 of an ounce.

They feature fixed lobe posts with folding omega backs. They are retail fresh, never sold, and literally out of a dealer's vault. And whereas a pair of solid gold earrings this large and heavy with half a carat of F/G diamonds in today's market would be upwards of $2500-3000, because they were made at much lower gold prices we can turn back the clock and offer them for much less.