Bellarri 14K Pink Gold, Lemon Quartz, Prasiolite & White Diamond Prototype Earrings - Only 1 Pair Created

These earrings were created for the 2018 Las Vegas Jewelry show in July, and are a fully finished prototype pair - only one pair was created, and no collection affiliation was assigned.

They feature a solid 14K pink gold structure and large chunks of all-natural, earth-mined lemon quartz and prasiolite. Between both earrings, there are 13.40 carats of lemon quartz and 12.10 carats of prasiolite, cut into very organic "chunk" cuts reminiscent of Bellarri's "Tuscany" collection. You'll also find 6 points of white diamonds decorating the front of each stone and between the settings.

Each earring measures 1.6" tall x .4" wide, and each weighs 4.9 grams.