Bellarri 14K Pink Gold, Amethyst, Prasiolite & White Diamond Prototype Earrings - Only 1 Pair Created

These earrings were created for the 2018 Las Vegas Jewelry show in July, and are a fully finished prototype pair - only one pair was created, and no collection affiliation was assigned. This is the exact same style as the lemon quartz & prasiolite pair we currently have, but with amethyst in place of the lemon quartz.

They feature solid 14K pink gold with large chunks of all-natural, earth-mined prasiolite and amethyst totaling 23.55 carats. The cuts of the stones are very organic "chunk" cuts reminiscent of Bellarri's "Tuscany" collection. You'll also find 6 points of white diamonds decorating the front of each stone and between the settings.

Each earring measures 1.45" tall x .4" wide, and each weighs 4.8 grams.