Bellarri 14K White Gold, Blue Topaz, White Diamond & Blue Sapphire Multi-Piece Earrings - 1 of a Kind Pair

These were created as a fully-finished, retail-ready prototype for the 2018 Las Vegas jewelry show so only one pair exists and there is no formal Bellarri collection affiliation.

They feature solid 14K white gold and 7.85 carats combined of sky blue topaz and London blue topaz baguettes, with sprinkles of 6 points / .06ct of genuine white diamonds and 20 points / .20ct of genuine blue sapphires.

These are multi-piece earrings, each side with a top section that can be worn solo or connected to a bottom section as shown in the photo at left. We included photos below that show the bottom section removed as well. The bottoms just attach to the same lobe post that the friction clamp attaches to. Because the tops and bottoms are separate, and the tops use simple friction posts, the tops can be worn in any orientation - horizontal, vertical, or simply however you happen to attach them. The bottoms will hang as shown in the photos.

Top + bottom combined, each earring measures approximately 1" tall x .65" wide across the width of the lower section. Each side weighs 3.9 grams.