Bellarri "Visions" 14K Yellow Gold, White Topaz, Black Diamond & White Diamond Earrings

This is Bellarri's "Visions" Collection taken upscale - the price points are much higher, but when you see them in person you'll understand why. They feature far more diamonds, big gemstones, and much more gold with a far more elaborate gold filigree design on the reverse.

These are made with solid 14K yellow gold and feature 18.22 carats of faceted white topaz combined between the two sides. There are 22 points / .22ct of white diamonds combined, and another 43 points / .43ct of black diamonds. And as mentioned, the settings and filigree are heavier and much more detailed and elaborate than previous "Visions" designs.

They measure 1.35" tall and the drops have a diameter of .65". Each earring weighs 4.4 grams.