Bellarri "Encore" 14K Pink Gold, Natural Rhodolite Garnet, Multi-Gemstone & Champagne Diamond Earrings

We have the matching "Encore" ring that goes with these earrings, and oftentimes when we have the exact match we'll list these combos/sets on our dedicated Bellarri Sets page, but these earrings will go so well with just about any pink gold & multi-gemstone Bellarri that we decided to give these earrings their own page. We did include some combo photos below, showing the earrings with the matching ring, for those customers who might want a matching pair.

These earrings start with solid 14K pink gold and feature six (6) faceted, all-natural earth-mined rhodolite garnets per earring (12 total). The centers of each earring feature natural topaz, iolite, amethyst, garnet, rhodolite, citrine and peridot. Total carat weight for all colored gemstones is 3.70 combined. Capping the presentation are 46 points - almost a full half carat - of natural champagne diamonds.

Each earring measures 1.25" tall x .35" wide and each weighs 3.7 grams.