Bellarri "Visions" 18K Pink Gold & Champagne Quartz Earrings

With supply of Bellarri's now-discontinued "Visions" Collection pieces rapidly shrinking, we're anxious to get our hands on anything from that collection. But we were excited to add these earrings for several reasons.

First, while they are from the "Visions" collection, which normally features petite designs, these are probably the largest "Visions" pieces we've seen and they're big enough to be considered alongside many of Bellarri's other higher-dollar earring designs. They boast a total of 13.70 carats of all-natural, earth-mined, crystal-clear Champagne quartz plus a full 18 points (almost a fifth of a carat) of genine white diamonds. And they measure 1.35" tall - as dynamic as they are beautiful.

Second, the design is pure "Visions", allowing the focus to be primarily on the gemstone, with enough gold and diamonds to create a subtle yet pretty design that compliments the gemstone without distracting from it. No matter what angle you enjoy these from, it's all about the Champagne Quartz.

Third, the gemstone cut is gorgeous, but also versatile - these earrings can be paired with pretty much anything else based around gold and champagne quartz. Whether you're trying to match up with a squared cushion cut, or an oval stone, these earrings will go nicely.

Retail was almost $2200, so these fall into the same price range as many of Bellarri's "La Petite" and "Romantica" designs, but we're offering them for under $800. When you see these Champagne Quartz stones in person, you'll be surprised you didn't pay more.