Bellarri "Capri" Collection 18K Pink Gold, Smoky Quartz & White Diamond Earrings

From Bellarri's recently-retired "Capri" Collection, we love this earring design and we were very surprised to come across a pair we could offer our customers.

They start with solid 18K pink gold, and a very simple yet elegant design that was created to show off a full 10.95 carats of smoky quartz in a combination of faceted teardrops and faceted cylindrical baguettes. Like all Bellarri smoky quartz, these stones are all-natural and earth-mined - they were not artificially colored to look this beautiful. And while you may not see it in the photos, you surely will in person - the smaller baguettes around the perimeter of the earrings are crystal clear.

They measure 1.65" x 1.15" and weigh 7.8 grams each.

Retail was over $5600, and we have them for under $1900, brand new and retail fresh. We will not see another pair of these, so if smoky quartz is your vice and you love pink gold, these are not to be missed.