Bellarri "Gigi" 18K Pink Gold, Smoky Quartz & White Diamond Earrings

We brought these in for the many smoky quartz lovers out there. From the "Gigi" Collection, they are big, regal, and oh so gorgeous.

The highlights of these earrings are, of course, the long diamond-faceted all-natural smoky quartz drops. Each drop is a full 1.25" long and more than 10 carats - total carat weight of the two drops is 20.15 carats. There's more smoky quartz at the top, another 7.15 carats of all-natural baguettes.

Flowing over the long drops are ribbons of 18K pink gold covered in diamonds, a total of more than a third of a carat of white diamonds (.35ct) between the two earrings.

Each earring measures 1.8" tall and weighs 5.8 grams.

Retail was almost $6K, but we have them for under $2K.

Please excuse spots of bluriness in our photos - we use a very wide lens aperture to get close to each piece, so you can see the color and clarity of the gemstones and the attention paid to the gold filigree work, but with earrings this size that can leave areas of the photo that are out of focus. As is so often the case with jewelry this beautiful, if you like what you see in the photos, you'll be elated when you actually see them in person.