Bellarri "Marietta" 18K Pink Gold, Rhodolite Garnet, Multi-Gemstone & White Diamond Jumbo Hoop Earrings

Not only is this the first "Marietta" Collection item we've ever listed as "retired" on our website, but this pair of "Marietta" earrings is also a one-of-a-kind...Bellarri only created one pair.

Bellarri's "Marietta" Collection is considered by many collectors to be one of her finest collections, and its popularity is the reason we've never been able to offer any "Marietta" styles as retired: Bellarri has kept them all active until they've sold out so there has never been any supply to make it as far as our website with "retired" status. This pair of "Marietta" earrings is the first item from that collection to hit our site, and it's a fantastic example of why this collection is so loved.

These hoops are not for women looking to blend into the crowd. They're made from solid 18K pink gold, and the hoops themselves are a full 2.1" large (outside diameter). We photographed them next to both a Kennedy half dollar and a Washington quarter - the hoops dwarf the 50 cent coin, and the dangles are almost as big as a quarter.

Decorating the hoops are white diamonds, placed all the way around the outside of both hoops.

Dangling below are Bellarri's signature "Marietta" flowers, with rhodolite garnet petals, multi-gemstone centers, and white diamond edge decoration. These are also crafted from solid 18K pink gold, and the dangles themselves measure a full .85" in diameter - these are not tiny either.

The total rhodolite gemstone count is 19.75ct, with another 2.15 carats of all-natural earth-mined gemstones decorating the center of each dangle. The diamond count is 43 points / .43ct.

Each earring weighs over 14 grams, so between them you've got almost a full ounce of 18K gold. And yes, the rhodolite garnets in these really are that saturated, that clear, and that vivid - it's for rhodolite garnets this beautiful that people are drawn to the "Marietta" Collection and all of its styles.

Retail is over $12K - and that's before sales tax - we'll be offering these at a fraction of that cost.