Bellarri "Cleo" 18K White Gold, Amethyst & Multi-Gem Earrings

From Bellarri's "Cleo" Collection - the first of two different "Cleo" design groups - these earrings feature solid 18K white gold and all-natural gemstones.

The center stones are natural, earth-mined "Mystique Cut" amethysts totaling 3.65 carats with flat-tables and scalloped-crowns accentuating the light refraction from Bellarri's signature "Mystique Cut". With all gemstones, as with diamonds, cut is critical - even a great stone will be unexciting if there's nothing creative about the light refraction coming up through the stone.

Surrounding the amethysts are 5.15 total carats of topaz, iolite, green tourmaline, citrine, peridot and rhodolite garnet, plus another 13 points / .13ct of genuine white diamonds.

The earrings measure .6" x .5" (just a hair over .5" and each weighs 4.1 grams.

The lobe posts do fold for safe transit and storage.

Retail was almost $5K, but we have them for only $1695, brand new and retail fresh.