Bellarri "Rhapsody" 18K Multi-Gemstone Earrings

From Bellarri's recently-retired "Rhapsody" Collection, these earrings are far more impressive in person than in our photos, and once you take stock of how they're made and how the gemstones are cut.

They start with solid 18K yellow gold and feature 7.30 carats of all-natural, earth-mined gemstones. You'll find topaz in multiple shades, including Swiss blue and London blue, as well as both red garnet and rhodolite garnet, amethyst, peridot, green tourmaline, and citrine in multiple hues. Each of those gemstones is an elongated trillion cut with a very intricate faceted crown, as well as a flat table to accentuate light refraction. But no two gemstones in each earring are alike - every gemstone in each earring is shaped and sized slightly different from the others.

Each earring has 10 gemstones, and all 10 are slightly different in shape and size, which means a great deal of individual cutting was required to make each earring. Because every different gemstone has a different Mohs hardness level, each gem had to be handled differently when being cut for the setting. This is only possible because Bellarri owns their own laser-cutting machines and can control both the training required to master and produce each piece, and the end quality that results from the process. This is not a design that can be created and brought to fruition by just anyone with pad and pencil.

Complimenting the natural colored stones are a full 44 points / .44ct of genuine white diamonds, decorating much of the space between every trillion gemstone as well as the face of both bails.

Each earring measures 1.3" tall x .75" wide, and weighs 5.4 grams. Retail was well over $6K - with tax you'd be well over $7K at retail - but we're offering these for only $2095, brand new and retail fresh.