Bellarri "Melody" 18K Multi-Gemstone Earrings

From Bellarri's beautiful - and limited - "Melody" Collection, these earrings are the exact collection match for "Melody" ring R8538/M, which is also in stock at the time of this listing.

Like the ring, these earrings start with solid 18K yellow gold and folding lobe posts. They feature a wonderful array of all-natural earth-mined gemstones, from faceted cylinders on the edges, to rhodolite cabochons on the ends of the cylinders, to a variety of other shapes and cuts held "basket" style underneath the diamond-decorated filigree that creates the top setting of each earring. Underneath that filigree is a little group of gemstones...garnet, citrine, iolite, peridot and more. Total gemstone count is 5.75 carats, plus a full 27 points / .27ct of white diamonds.

Each earring measures .75" x .6" and weighs 5.5 grams.