Bellarri "Marquesa" 18K Multi-Gem Earrings

We have the "Marquesa" ring, and here are the matching earrings.

They're just as beautiful as the ring, a wonderful combination of color and sparkle with a nice variety of cuts and shapes. They feature faceted cylindrical baguettes around the outer edge, of London blue topaz, citrine, rhodolite, amethyst, sky blue topaz, green tourmaline and red garnet. Decorating the center of the setting are small emerald and polygon cuts of these same gemstones. Total colored gemstone count between the two earrings is 9.65 carats, and as always the gemstones are all-natural and earth-mined.

Small settings of 18K white gold with diamonds are scattered throughout the center setting, and separating the cylindrical baguettes - total diamond count across both earrings is 16 points.

They're .9" tall, measured straight up the setting, and .5" wide. Each earring weighs 6.8 grams.

They do feature folding lobe posts, for safe travel and storage.


Photos taken with camera flash - washes out the color a little but shows off the diamond sparkle


Photos taken with natural light - natural light shows the color more accurately, but with less diamond sparkle