Bellarri "La Petite" 18K Yellow Gold, Madeira Citrine & Multi-Gemstone Earrings

Everyone loves Bellarri's citrine-centered multi-gem earrings, but not all customers are ready to spend the cost of the larger ER1412 and ER1454 designs which retail in the $6K range. For those customers looking to capture that look with a smaller expenditure, these are the perfect answer.

From the "La Petite" Collection, they're smaller in size but not in presentation. They feature 5.00 carats of Bellarri's signature Mystique-cut Madeira Citrine at the center. The Mysique-cut creates an "exploding center" effect which makes the stones look about 10 feet deep with a brilliant refraction pattern accentuated by the flat tables and scalloped crowns of the stones. And our photos were taken with natural light, so the color really is that vivid and rich, as is the clarity. They'll look just as brilliant in person as they do in the photos.

Surrounding the citrines are another 5.25 carats of gently-rounded & faceted baguettes of blue topaz, rhodolite garnet, amethyst & green tourmaline.

The lobe posts do fold for safe travel & storage.

They measure .65" x .55" and each weighs 4.2 grams.

Retail was over $4500, and our last pair sold for $1695 so we're breaking new ground in getting these under $1500. These are not abundant, so don't expect to see another pair on our site anytime soon (it's been over 2 years since the last pair).