Bellarri "Bordeaux" 18K Pink Gold, Swiss Blue Topaz, Jet Black Onyx & White Diamond Earrings

We love Bellarri's "Bordeaux" Collection for the complexity of the designs and creative gemstone combinations - "Bordeaux" styles often feature lots of layering of finely-textured chains and dangles and drops - but we've seen very little of it because it was a limited collection and most sold out before it could ever be retired.

This pair of earrings is a beautiful example of the collection. They feature solid 18K pink gold with folding lobe clasps. The oval main settings are decorated with baguettes of brilliant Swiss Blue topaz. Dangling from each earring and attached by three textured chains are cylindrical bars of all-natural jet black onyx, with onyx cabochon tips and white diamond accents.

Total blue topaz carat weight is 8.05ct, total black onyx is 3.90c, and the diamond count is 16 points / .16ct.

Each earring measures 1.2" tall x .75" wide and weighs 6.4 grams.