Bellarri "Josephine" 18K Multi-Gem Earrings

These earrings are the perfect match to Bellarri "Josephine" necklace P912/AM, and we specifically acquired them in case the buyer of that necklace wanted to create a set.

They feature a total of 28.05 carats (both earrings together) of amethyst, green tourmaline, rhodolite garnet and citrine, plus 28 points of diamonds.

They're long earrings, measuring a full 2" tall and .65" wide across the amethyst settings. Each weighs just over 9 grams (for comparative reference, a quarter coin weighs 5.6 grams) so they're substantial.

They feature folding lobe posts, for safe storage and travel. Retail was almost $10K on these, so we're fortunate to be able to offer them for under $3K.