Bellarri "Calypso" 18K Mystique-cut Earrings

From Bellarri's popular "Calypso" Collection, these earrings feature three gorgeous centerstones - green tourmaline, rhodolite garnet, and amethyst - all with scalloped tables and Bellarri's signature "exploding center" mystique-cut. Flanking the center stones are faceted cylinders of iolite, citrine, and garnet on one side and blue topaz, peridot and amethyst on the other, all with diamond caps. Total gemstone count is 16.80 carats, with 9 points of diamonds. These do have the folding lobe posts for safe storage and travel.

In addition to the earrings, we can get the matching pendant in both the small and large sizes. Unfortunately, the ring is sold out and no longer available.