Bellarri "Princessa" 18K Yellow Gold & Natural Sapphire Earrings - Only 1 Pair Exists, 1 of a Kind Creation

Back in our hands and available to our customers for a limited time, these "Princessa" earrings are special for several reasons. First, they're a one-off creation - Bellarri only made one pair of these, so whomever owns these will never see them on another woman.

Second, they feature only precious gemstones - sapphires and diamonds. And third, they may be the longest earrings we've ever offered.

They feature 9.90 carats of all-natural, unheated, untreated, color-matched sapphires in 5 colors: blue, gold, orange, sage green, and pink. And they come in a variety of shapes, including hearts, teardrops and ovals. All those natural sapphires are joined by a full .85ct / 85 points of genuine white diamonds.

These measure 3.25" long and each weighs 7.8 grams. For reference, a 25 cent Washington quarter weighs 5.6 grams.

And yes, all of those diamond settings are little movable links, so these flex and flow chandelier-style.

Retail is over $12K on these - before tax - but we have them for only $3895, and that will be the price floor.