Bellarri "Hava" 18K Rhodolite & South Sea Pearl Earrings

The "Hava" Collection pieces that include South Sea Pearls in the design are very popular, but hard to come by. We sold a pendant with this design last year, and finally just found earrings in the same design.

They feature 11.25 carats of rhodlite garnet, in a combination of faceted & rounded edged stones on the outside and scalloped-table Mystique-cuts on the inside. Big, beautiful South Sea Pearls dangle from each earring, with 6 points of diamonds both at the center of the rhodolite cluster and decorating the link between the top station and the South Sea Pearl.

These measure 1.7" tall, and the pearl alone measures about .85" of that.

They do feature folding lobe posts for easier storage and safer travel.

Please note that the lighting gave the pearls a bit of a yellow cast - they don't look yellowish like that in person. To the naked eye they're a beauitful, lustrous white just as you'd expect them to be.