Bellarri "Mosaic II" 18K Pink Gold & Multi-Gem Earrings / 1 of a Kind Pink Gold Prototypes, Only 1 Pair Ever Created

Bellarri's "Mosaic II" Collection was created without diamonds to help make the original "Mosaic" 3x3 gemstone design more accessible to a larger audience. The collection was offered only in 18K yellow gold. What we have here today is the only pair of this design ever made in 18K pink gold - they are a one-off pair, a prototype pair. They're absolutely retail-new and beautiful, and we have them at fantastic pricing.

They feature solid 18K pink gold with folding lobe posts for easy storage and safe travel. Each has 9 all-natural, earth-mined gemstones, for a total of 10.10 carats between both earrings.

They measure .75" x .6" and each weighs 6.6 grams.