Bellarri "Hava" 18K Rhodolite Earrings

To customers not well-versed in the intricacies of the "Hava" Collection, these will look just like the ER1609 series earrings, albeit with a much higher price. You see, the "Hava" Collection is made in multiple sizes - the pendants alone are made in 4 different sizes - so while they may look similar they can be very different in stature and carat weight.

Ths is the large size of the 4x4 center grid "Hava" design, ER1544/RH. They feature a full 19.60 carats of rhodolite garnet, plus 20 points of F/G VS diamonds. These measure over 1.5" tall including the bail, and .8" wide measured from point to point. All of the rhodolites around the outer level are rounded-edged and faceted, while the 4x4 grid at the center features scalloped flat-tabled Mystique cuts.

Also, rhodolites can come in multiple shades, some leaning more towards red, some leaning more towards violet. These, however, are of the most desireable shade, Rasberry Rhodolite. They explode in hues of wine red, watermelon red, and fuchsia. They're nice in our photos, but gorgeous to the naked eye.