Bellarri "Hava" 18K Yellow Gold Rhodolite Garnet Earrings

These are the exact match for the R7553/RH "Hava" ring just listed, and the larger size of the "Hava" earrings in this style (the ER1609 series looks identical but is the smaller size of this style).

They start with solid 18K yellow gold and feature a full 19.60 carats of natural, untreated rhodolite garnet (both earrings combined) plus 20 points / .20ct of genuine white diamonds.

Notice the color consistency between the faceted "Lifesaver Candy" cut rhodolites around the outside of the earrings and the Mystique-cut 2x2 grid of rhodolites at the center. This is a hallmark of Bellarri jewelry design - she's very picky about her gemstones, and she doesn't cut corners with the accent stones - the smaller baguettes, rounds and accents will be just as clear and saturated as her center stones.

They measure just under 1.5" tall x .85" wide and weigh 6.9 grams each.

Retail was well over $6K, and that's before tax - with tax you'd have been over $7K at any retailer. We're offering them for only $2095, as well as with special bundle savings if you purchase them with the matching "Hava" ring, just ask us!