Bellarri "Layla" 18K Amethyst Cabochon & Diamond Earrings

The "Layla" collection was retired in 2015, but finding pieces from that collection has proved very difficult. These are, in fact, our first-ever "Layla" earrings, and they're a perfect match to our R7496/A "Layla" amethyst & diamond ring.

These earrings start with solid 18K yellow gold, including folding lobe posts for easy travel and storage, and feature a combined 18.17 carats of all-natural, earth-mined, large amethyst cabochon teardrops, plus another 1.25 carats of faceted amethyst baguettes, and 4 points of diamonds.

The amethyst cabochons are simply gorgeous, with wonderful matching color and superb clarity.

Please note that their natural orientation on the ear is with the diamonds at the bottom, and the teardrops pointing upward. Our photos show them upside down because that was the only way to position them upright and still get natural-looking photos!

They measure .85" x .45", and each weighs 5.9 grams.

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