Bellarri "Cleo" 18K Citrine Multi-Gem

Finally, a pair of the Cleo earrings in citrine. We've had them in smoky quartz, and sold several pairs in amethyst, but this is our first pair with citrine.

The citrine is the Madeira variety - deep tangerine orange, with hints of red bleeding in from the edges. The citrines feature Bellarri's signature Mystique cut which creates the appearance of an explosion of light from the center of the stone outwards. The table is scalloped as well, adding to the brilliant light refraction and elegance of the stones. Total citrine count is 6.69ct. Surrounding the citrines are 3.49 carats of blue topaz, amethyst, rhodolite garnet, red garnet, green tourmaline and peridot, plus 11 points of diamonds.

These are built on solid 18K yellow gold, with folding lobe posts for safe travel and storage. They measure .7" x .7".