Bellarri "Midnight Fantasy" Earrings

Presenting, the match to the "Midnight Fantasty" trillion-cut enhancers, which we now have in both amethyst and citrine. These gorgeous earrings can match up with either color, and we included some photos below that show the two pairings together.

These feature 17.35 carats of Madeira citrine, 2.35 carats of amethyst, and 17 points of F/G VS diamonds. These aren't the biggest Bellarri earrings, but they're substantial, as you can see in the photos. They measure 1.25" tall, .5" wide, and a full .4" thick, not including the omega clasps. They do have Bellarri's clever folding lobe posts, which make for easier travel and storage.

The citrines are Bellarri's signature Mystique-cuts with the "exploding center" effect, and scalloped tables. The earrings are crafted in solid 18K yellow gold, fully hallmarked.

Enjoy the photos - all were taken in natural light, and you can see how perfectly these earrings match up with either colorway of the Midnight Fantasy trillion-cut enhancers.

And yes - we love to give bundle savings, so if you're thinking of buying these and a matching enhancer, just let us know what color you like and we'll help make it happen.