Bellarri 18K "Venus" Collection Earrings

Brand new and just retired, Bellarri's latest iteration of their popular and long-running "Venus Collection" and we just got all 3 matching pieces - ring, pendant/brooch and earrings - to go with the Venus bangle bracelet we already have listed.

These earrings, ER1467/M, mirror the matching pendant with a full color array across the front that is deeper than you see at first glance. Each of the three front settings is a mult-gem cylindrical design made up of multiple gems and colors. The top setting features peridot, green tourmaline and citrine. The middle setting features citrine, red garnet, rhodolite garnet and amethyst. The bottom setting features amethyst, iolite and blue topaz. On the sides of the piece you'll find Art Deco style settings of peridot, citrine, and garnet in a 2-3-2 arrangement, on both sides. Total gemstone count for both earrings is 11.08 carats. Separating the front settings, and running around the sides of the pendant, are 23 points of F/G color VS diamonds. It's all set in solid 18K yellow gold. Each earring measures .7" tall x .55" wide. The lobe posts do fold for safe travel and storage.

We included photos below of all 3 pieces together - please ask us about our great bundle discounts if you're interested in buying the set.