Bellarri "Lolita" 18K Chandelier Earrings
We sold a pair of these last year, and were surprised to see another pair come up. From Bellarri's Lolita Collection, these 18K yellow gold chandelier-style earrings are some of the most beautiful earrings we've seen from Bellarri. They feature teardrop-shaped citrines (5.05 carats) which are a perfect deep orange color with hints of deep red, and are surrounded by a crown of diamonds. At the base of the main setting are more diamonds and big, bright-hued green tourmalines. Blue topaz, red garnet, citrine, rhodolite garnet, peridot, amethyst and more diamonds adorn the strands dangling from the base of the setting. In all, there's a total of 21.54 carats of multi-gemstones and .42 carats of diamonds, in addition to the 5.05 carats of citrines. The back of the earrings feature fixed lobe posts and clips. And we should emphasize that the connection between the citrine setting and the green tourmaline setting just below is a dangle-loop, not a fixed solder, so the earrings dangle loosely rather than feeling stiff and cumbersome at the top. They measure 2.75" tall at their longest point and .75" at their widest point. Retail was $9510.