Bellarri 18K "Romantica" Amethyst Earrings

These beautiful earrings may seem expensive compared to some of our other offerings, but the reason becomes obvious when you view the photos - amethyst of this size, color and quality is usually expensive.

From the "Romantica" Collection, these feature a whopping 12.28 carats of gorgeous deep-hued, crystal-clear amethyst, plus 2.49 carats of peridot and red garnet and more than a third of a carat (37 points) of diamonds.

The amethysts really are the highlight - experienced amethyst buyers know that it's not simply about how dark the purple is, it's about whether the amethyst shows different personalities as the lighting angles shift. In the same way that great iolite should shift from bluish-purple to an almost beige color, great amethyst should show hues not only of purple but also blue or red, with flashes of electric pink and violet. That's where these amethysts shine - they've got you covered with purples, violets and hot pinks. But turn them to the side and you'll get hit with nothing but watermelon pinkish-red, and that's when you know you're looking at great amethysts.

They are made with solid 18K yellow gold, and have folding lobe posts for safe transit and storage.

They measure .65" tall x .6" wide, so they're a nice comfy size - not too big, not so small that they get lost on the ear.