Bellarri "La Bouquet" 1-of-a-Kind Custom Ordered 18K Rhodolite Garnet & White Diamond Bangle Bracelet

We are very excited to present an item that is as limited as they come - only one of these bracelets exists, only one was ever created, and we have it.

This design, from Bellarri's "La Bouquet" Collection, was actually created in two colorways - green tourmaline on white gold, and rhodolite on pink gold. While still produced in limited numbers - Bellarri rarely produces more than 5-10 of any intricate bangle design - these two colorways would be considered "regular production". But this rhodolite on white gold colorway was specially ordered by one of our dealer partners to be paired with the white gold & rhodolite "Marietta" Collection, so they could create a showcase display based around this gemstone combination. Not only do we have this bangle available, but we've also re-created their combination by acquiring a retail-new "Marietta" ring to pair with it, so you can have the same colorway combo our dealer partner originally created and we've included some photos below showing the two together. They are two different collections, but a match made in Heaven.

The bangle itself features a solid 18K white gold structure with 34.15 carats of all-natural, earth-mined, untreated and unheated rhodolite garnet, plus another full 100 points / 1.00 carats of natural VS white diamonds. All of the photos taken below were taken in natural light, in the exact same location - the only thing that varied was the time of day. So depending on the amount of ambient light refracting through the rhodolites, you'll see hues of ruby red, watermelon red, plum, hot pink, violet, and even purple. We did our best, by photographing at different times of day, to capture the color palette and beauty of the rhodolites.

And do take note of the complexity of the cuts and setting. Not only are all of those rhodolites faceted, but they have to be cut to fit into rounded "flower petal" settings, so every stone has to be laser-cut to fit into a specific point on the "petal". This is only possible because Bellarri owns their own laser-cutting machines - very few designers are able to cut stones with this level of consistency and complexity.

The bangle has an internal circumference of 6.75" - it will fits wrists up to 6.75" perfectly and with a little play, and wrists up to 7" snugly but not uncomfortably. It's a standard Bellarri fit - if you've bought other Bellarri bangles, you'll be familiar with the fit. The width of the interior opening is 2.4", and the height 1.8". The total weight is 38.9 grams.