Bellarri "Hava II" 18K White Gold, Multi-Gemstone Bracelet

This rare, limited-production bracelet comes from Bellarri's "Hava II" Collection, and features alternating square and circular settings of Mystique-cut gemstones all set in solid 18K white gold.

Bellarri's signature Mystique-cut creates an "exploding center" refraction pattern, accentuated by the flat table and scalloped crown cut into each gemstone. The gemstone stations are as follows:

- round station of London blue topaz
- squared station of red garnet
- round station of Madeira citrine
- squared station of green tourmaline
- round station of rasberry rhodolite garnet
- squared station of amethyst
- round station of Swiss blue topaz
- squared station of amber-hued citrine
- round station of peridot

The total carat weight of all colored gemstones is 47.35ct. A full 62 points, almost 2/3 of a carat, of genuine white diamonds decorate the gemstone settings and the tops of each link between the settings.

The bracelet can comfortably fit wrists up to 6.25" in circumference. It's snug, with no play and no drape, on a 6.5" wrist. It measures almost .7" wide across the settings.

Retail was over $15K, and we have it for under $6K, brand new and retail fresh.